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AIM fun with the Baath Military Bureau Deputy Chairman.

MohammedSaidAl-Sahaf: 'Sup?
LatifNusayyifJasim: Nothing.
LatifNusayyifJasim: What do you want? I'm busy.
MohammedSaidAl-Sahaf: Oh, come on. Why the attitude Queen Latifa?
LatifNusayyifJasim: I have a lot of work to do. And stop calling me that.
MohammedSaidAl-Sahaf: Live a little, bro.
LatifNusayyifJasim: And my wife says I spend too much time at the office.
MohammedSaidAl-Sahaf: Wives. My wife says I'm too fat and I always smell like shawarma. I still eat shawarma.
LatifNusayyifJasim: Ha. You do eat a lot of it.
MohammedSaidAl-Sahaf: Well, it's either that or my wife's cooking.
MohammedSaidAl-Sahaf: Allah be praised she cannot cook shawarma.
LatifNusayyifJasim: Heh. Your wife can't cook for shit. And she's a dirty whore.
MohammedSaidAl-Sahaf: Fuck you Queen Latifa. You should talk anyway.
MohammedSaidAl-Sahaf: Your wife is twelve.
LatifNusayyifJasim: Touché.
LatifNusayyifJasim: And stop calling me "Queen Latifa." That shit is so played out.
MohammedSaidAl-Sahaf: Never! Mwua-ha-ha!
LatifNusayyifJasim: I'm fucking serious. I hate that!
MohammedSaidAl-Sahaf: Well Queen Latifa, I'll let you get back to work. Don't want to leave the wife at home for too long, she may burn your place down with her Easy Bake Oven! Ha!
LatifNusayyifJasim: Asshole.
MohammedSaidAl-Sahaf has signed off.

Man, Jasim is such a twat. Maybe for fun I'll get him drunk this weekend, dress him up in one of those American infidel uniforms we stole, and drop him off in Basra. Queen Latifa's gonna get his ass kicked, just like the infidels themselves.
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