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We are grinding the infidels up into a fine powder and snorting it like cocaine!

You know what's messed up?

When stupid infidel fartsniffers invade your country, get the living turd beat out of (and fed to) them by the valiant forces of Saddam, then refuse to admit that they have been defeated. What's even more jacked is that they are using Hollywood lies to make it look like they actually are winning, when they clearly aren't. It used to be funny, but I must admit, it's getting a bit played-out. General Vincent Brooks and his daily "war" briefings are a big joke here in Baghdad. We even had t-shirts made with photos of Brooks and quotes saying things like "Today, the 3rd Infantry Division has seized Baghdad" or "The Republic Guard has put up very little resistance." They're quite funny, and the obvious rambling lies of a delusional zionist puppet. There are rumors that a talking General Brooks doll is going to be manufactured, that would be great. General Brooks is just a joke, a big funny joke. "The Americans are winning?" Puh-leeze!

Yeah, all this is messed-up. We kicked the asses of the Americans and the Englishes, and they're just sitting around lying about it. Frankly, I think it's getting a little bit old.

Allahu Akbar,


p.s. All Iraqi women have voluntarily waxed their pubic hair in a show of solidarity with Saddam's war effort against the infidels. Their message? NO MORE BUSH!
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